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Compensation Worksheet

Select one value for each of the variables below and then click on the Predict Total Compensation button to see what others in your professional situation currently earn.  This tool is designed to calculate total compensation, including salary and any additional cash benefits such as bonuses or stock options.

Job function
advertising sales director (in some cases, also publisher)
  (i.e., top ad sales executive; manage ad sales department; set policy and procedures; responsible for reaching goals and quotas; hire/train ad sales personnel)
advertising sales or regional manager
  (i.e., generally the second level of management in ad sales department; report to director or publisher; have management but not policy responsibility; responsible for accounts in specific regions; may supervise others)
advertising salesperson, account executive, or category manager
  (i.e., call on clients and agencies; maintain current accounts; develops new accounts; may be responsible for selling ad pages to accounts from specific categories)


Highest level of education you have completed


Years in publishing-related sales


 involved with association publishing
 involved with b-to-b publishing
 involved with city/regional publishing
 involved with consumer publishing (other than city/regional or special interest)


combined revenue in 2012 for all publications you are involved with