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Compensation Worksheet

Select one value for each of the variables below and then click on the Predict Annual Salary button to see what other editors in your professional situation currently earn.  This tool is designed to calculate annual salary and does not include any additional cash benefits such as bonuses or stock options.

Job function
editorial director or editor in chief
  (i.e., all editors report to you; you set editorial policy; you may hold other executive titles and/or be in charge of other products and other departments in addition to editorial)
editor or executive editor
  (i.e., you are responsible for editorial direction and content, including art, text, and cover for at least one magazine)
managing editor
  (i.e., you coordinate editorial, art, and production departments to ensure that the magazine is published on time with acceptable quality; you oversee the copy-editing and proofreading staffs)
senior editor
  (i.e., you plan and write or assign features and other articles; you may head editorial feature departments and/or oversee other editorial employees, you are responsible for all editorial work in assigned subject areas)
Your age
Years of editorial-related experience
 The location of your organization is in the NYC area
(New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, or Putnam counties in New York state;  Fairfield county in Connecticut;  Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, Somerset, Morris, Passaic, Bergen, Essex, or Hudson counties in New Jersey)
Organization's total annual revenue
Combined revenue for all publications you are involved with at your organization
Type(s) of publishing you are personally involved with
Number of employees you directly supervise