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Compensation Calculator

Select the responses below that fit your situation and then click on the Predict Annual Salary button to see what others in your professional situation currently earn.  This tool is designed to calculate total salary excluding any additional cash benefits such as bonuses or stock options.

Job function
Production director or top production executive
  (i.e., may be called VP of production; negotiates printing contracts and other vendor relationships; establishes production schedules; oversees one or more production managers; is responsible for technical matters, internal production coordination and quality control)
Production manager
  (i.e., directly responsible for daily production operations on one or more titles, including publication page make-up, quality control and maintenance of production schedules; is liaison with printing plant and service bureaus; may also oversee traffic of advertising and editorial materials)
Art director
  (i.e., oversees the execution of all editorial art and design work for a magazine; oversees art department; also responsible for assigning photography and illustration)


Organizational revenue


Years of experience in the publishing industry


Number of employees you directly supervise


Hours you work in a typical week